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Tackable Display for an Art Show

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The Location

St. Mary's Springs Academy

The Challenge

Tackable Art Display for an Art Show

The Solution

Art shows are an excellent way for a school to showcase a student’s talent and creativity. Art teachers proudly display each student’s hard work for parents and peers to look at. When running these events, the most important factors to keep in mind are crowd control and a tackable art display area that doesn’t destroy the walls. How do event hosts find the perfect balance? St. Mary’s Spring Academy came to Screenflex to find a portable and tackable art display board to fit their needs.

The product they chose in the picture is a 5 Panel Light Duty Divider. This 6’5″ accordion partition is easily portable with its self-leveling casters. Art teachers can move them around to create the display they need. The tackable fabric allows art to be hung up without damage to its panels. Having a display in the middle of the room also helps with crowd control to direct the flow of foot traffic while observing each student’s art. Locking corner casters help the divider lock in place to create a sturdy display board. These screens also fold to create compact storage when there is no event taking place. When looking for the best ways to showcase art, Screenflex can provide many diverse options for a tackable display.


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