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Limit Distractions in Classroom

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The Location

Hilltop Elementary School- Rice Lake, WI

The Challenge

Create several classrooms out of a large school space

The Solution

Educators are always looking for ways to limit distractions in a classroom setting. Sometimes, when splitting up a larger room, one of the best means for privacy comes in the form of a barricade to separate multiple classes at once. For instance, Hilltop Elementary in Wisconsin uses Screenflex Portable Room Dividers to create various classrooms out of one larger room.

Why do educators love Screenflex dividers? These tools let teachers adapt their classroom and limit distractions from student to student. Since the partitions are freestanding, they can quickly move to any location in the room for lots of personalization. Self-leveling casters along the bottom allow the dividers to move safely and with stability. For extra safety precautions, these screens have end frames that help keep the center of gravity lower. This feature prevents the divider from knocking over at any time and potentially hurting someone.

Teachers also love these classroom devices because of their ease of tackability on the panels. Classrooms are meant to be customized, and these dividers offer lots of real estate space to hang up signage, posters, and student art. The best part is that when the room needs to open up again, the dividers fold all the way closed for easy storage.

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