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A Perfect Place For Screenflex | Stay N Play Childcare

Children play center offers more classes with the help of Screenflex

Parachute play at children play center

Another great example of how businesses are using portable folding walls is shown by Children Stay N Play in Duluth, Minnesota.

Dana recently opened her Stay N Play drop-in center for school age kids in November 2011.  This is a great place to bring your kids to play while you run a few errands.  With an imaginary play area, a dress up area and lots of fun toys for the kids to play (even video games) it is truly a kids paradise.  Stay N Play offers movies, Xbox 360 games, group games, art projects, painting and more for older school aged children.

Since Dana’s facility includes younger and older kids, she decided to purchase a Standard Screenflex partition to separate the little ones from the big ones. A 4′ high partition was selected which allows for staff to see over the room dividers while still maintaining a nice separation for the children.

I wish we had a drop in center like this when my children were younger. Kids are never thrilled about having to run to the grocery store. Typically, I shopped while my kids were in preschool but some days required what I called a “milk run”.  What a perfect opportunity to plan a mom’s lunch or to run a few errands. Imagine meeting a few friends for lunch, running to the doctor’s office or picking up some groceries while your kids enjoy some play time at the Stay N Play.

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