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Party Room Space Dividing with Portable Partitions

The Location

Entertainment Center

The Challenge

Doubling Available Party Room Availability

The Solution

Entertainment facilities are always looking for ways to maximize the use of their space to offer more services for customers. By using room dividers to separate a party room, facilities can create areas for several smaller parties to occur simultaneously. Choose from washable vinyl or Scotchgard™ fabrics, in many colors, heights, and lengths. The tackable/pinnable room divider walls are the perfect place for hanging party decorations. Additionally, use a room divider to create a barrier between non-party guests and the festivities, and/or shield party guests from distractions. Let our sales consultants design a layout for your space and help you choose the best sizes and fabrics for your party room space; it’s that easy.

Make the most of your existing facility and increase your profitability by using Screenflex portable room dividers to quickly divide a large party room into several smaller spaces. Setting up your room dividers is an easy one-person job.

More Party Room Space → More Parties → More Profitability

And if you don’t need them to work their magic all the time, Screenflex portable room dividers fold up compactly. They also can remain out-of-the-way until you need them again.

Adding Screenflex portable room dividers to your facility is a smart business investment.