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Divide a Large Party Room Space in Your Facility with Portable Partitions

party room spaceFurther divide your party rooms to allow for several smaller parties.  Choose from washable vinyl or Scotchgard™ fabrics, in many colors, heights, and lengths.

party room spaceUse it to separate a party for younger guests from a party for older guests.  The tackable/pinnable room divider walls are the perfect place for hanging party decorations.

party room spaceUse a room divider to create a barrier between non-party guests and the festivities, and/or shield party guests from distractions.

divided party room Let our sales consultants design a layout for your space and help you choose the best sizes and fabrics for your facility; it’s that easy.

closed room divider

Make the most of your existing facility and increase your profitability by using Screenflex portable room dividers to quickly divide a large party room into several smaller spaces.  Setting up your room dividers is an easy one-person job.

More Party Room Space → More Parties → More Profitability

And if you don’t need them to work their magic all the time, Screenflex portable room dividers fold up compactly and out-of-the-way, until you need them again.

Adding Screenflex portable room dividers to your facility is a smart business investment.  

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