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Event Venue Crowd Control

The Location

Large Event Venue

The Challenge

Provide crowd control with clear visibility in a large venue

The Solution

When it comes to a large event venue, crowd control is a necessity. At the very least, some barriers need to be in place to help direct the flow of foot traffic to the event areas. However, to make sure the rooms don’t feel too tight and constrained, the crowd management barriers need to still offer clear sightlines. For this reason, Screenflex developed a new product, the Crowdflex Barricade.

The Crowdflex panel is manufactured from a clear acrylic material that offers the aforementioned crucial visibility. This barricade starts with one panel, but as shown, there are countless potential additions to customize it. These lightweight clear barriers can add to the crowd control toolbelt of any event venue size. By adding more segments, the Crowdflex Barricades can fill up a large space, such as arenas or conference centers. When the event is over, the panels are easy enough to move to flip the space for the next big thing. Since it is a plexiglass material, too, these barricades are easy to clean.

Make the most of your event space with Crowdflex or other crowd-managing Screenflex products in the catalog.