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Hotel Lounge Design with Portable Walls

The Location

Hotel Lobby Area

The Challenge

Create a sleek and private lounge area

The Solution

Designing a hotel is no easy task. Especially given how ever-changing the hospitality industry is as a whole, your space is bound to change. By utilizing portable walls as part of your hotel design, you can easily create privacy in your lounge or lobby. Since many people travel for business, informal meetings in the lobby are a common occurrence. Temporary walls allow your guests a public space in your facility that limits distractions from others around them. Other common uses in the hospitality industry include hiding storage areas, creating separate banquet space, or blocking off construction.

Screenflex offers the most stability when it comes to their room divider partitions. In a high-traffic facility such as a hotel or banquet space, you want to ensure that your lounge furniture and overall design safely accommodate large groups of people. In a Screenflex divider, the casters are self-leveling to any surface. Plus, the end frame casters lock to hold the divider in the desired place. Plus Screenflex manufactures their partitions so their heaviest weight is at the bottom, making it difficult for them to topple over. These features create the most stability for any type of environment.