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Overflow Hotel Conference Room

The Location

Hotel lobby meeting room

The Challenge

Block off a section of hotel public space with room dividers

The Solution

When you think of a fast-paced environment, hotels or other hospitality facilities typically come to the top of one’s mind. A hotel, in particular, sometimes needs extra space for when the meeting rooms are all booked. To help accommodate your guests, your hotel should have an option for an overflow conference room or meeting space. By using Screenflex Room Dividers, you can quickly create instant privacy for your guests in any hotel public space.

This portable wall in the photo, the Standard Room Divider, opens up to help conceal the communal workspace behind it. While this action doesn’t entirely soundproof the area, it significantly limits auditory distractions, especially since the top of it is near the ceiling. However, this divider does block other people from coming in and allows some privacy to those behind it. Since these walls are retractable, they can also close up into a 2ft by 3ft space for quick and efficient storage. Then, the public could go back to using that meeting space. Creating an overflow conference room in your hotel is easier than ever when you useĀ a portable wall.