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Arcade Room Party Area

The Location

Arcade Event Center

The Challenge

Create separation in an arcade area for parties

The Solution

All family event centers have at least one thing in common; they are built around having fun. For this reason, every part of these buildings is designed to give guests the best experience possible. These facilities are excellent at maximizing their space, from a room dedicated to an arcade to a private area for a specific party. When it comes to furniture in particular, it should all be adaptable to reflect the fast-moving environment. Regarding room division in their space, family fun centers are using Screenflex Portable Partitions.

Why do these facilities need Screenflex? These portable dividers can help customize any space, especially one with a lot of foot traffic. As shown in the pictures, there are various shapes that these partitions can create. Multiple units can also connect to create an entirely portable and freestanding wall. The first picture shows a partially enclosed party area in an arcade room. The Screenflex dividers surrounding it fold at a 90-degree angle that helps the space feel like its own room. They also leave an opening between panels so guests can easily come and go as they please. The third photo shows the dividers in a similar use; however, they specifically block off the arcade instead of the party room. These are only two different examples of how you can have extra flexibility in an event space with moveable walls. The options, however, are endless when it comes to your facility.