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Separate Party Rooms in New Family Fun Center

The Location

Pure Play Family Entertainment- Trinity, FL

The Challenge

Create Private Party Rooms

The Solution

At any family fun center, private party space is necessary to eat and keep a group’s stuff together. Pure Play Family Entertainment reached out to Screenflex last year to create these party areas without building onto their space. As a solution, they worked with one of our sales consultants to figure out the best fit for portable room dividers in their facility. Together, they created beautiful and personalized room dividers to use as walls for separate party rooms in the Pure Play Center.

One unique benefit that we offer at Screenflex is a free design plan for your dividers. Our contact at Pure Play took advantage of this benefit while finding the perfect products for her facility. Based on her plan, she purchased several of our Heavy Duty Dividers in a variety of bright colors to fit their facility’s theme. These are some of our toughest dividers that are able to withstand high traffic environments like a family fun center. From wide caster legs to steel-reinforcing gusset plates, these portable screens are built to last a long time. As shown, Pure Play also chose an optional personalization to their partitions by adding their logo to it. With their dividers, Pure Play created sturdy and visually appealing separate party rooms that will last for decades.