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Kids Party Area Creates Fun

The Location

Family Fun Center

The Challenge

Create a Semi-Private Kids Party Room

The Solution

As we all know, children can often innocently wander away from their group. For this reason, kids’ parties at a family fun center need a controlled area that can be supervised by adults easily. When it is time to eat or open presents at these gatherings, having a designated kids’ party area can keep everyone together. To divide a play center into multiple party rooms, amusement facilities are using Screenflex.

The Screenflex Standard Dividers in the picture create a portable barrier in between each party room. By having movable partitions instead of a stationary wall, the room can adapt more freely to any number of reservations. From renting out the whole venue to just a small portion of it, this is an excellent way to maximize space and profit. Each divider also comes in a different color adding to the vibrance of the venue. The panels are tackable, making it easy to display signs and other decorations for a party atmosphere. These panels are sound absorbing as well, minimizing the distraction between the groups. The screens fold accordion-style to fit compactly together and store in a 2ft by 3ft space. For excellent usability and adaptability, Screenflex Room Dividers are the best option for a kids’ party area.