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Party Room Banquet Dividers

The Location

Hickory Falls Family Entertainment Center-Hanover, PA

The Challenge

Divide Adaptable and Large Banquet Space

The Solution

Event spaces need versatility. By utilizing a larger multipurpose room, these facilities can maximize the types of events they are hosting. At Hickory Falls Family Entertainment Center, there’s a large party space called the Cascade Room. In this party space, sometimes guests book smaller gatherings and therefore need an appropriately sized room. As a result, a representative from Hickory Falls reached out to Screenflex for a solution. After working with one of our sales consultants, they were able to find the perfect dividers for their banquet party room needs.

As shown, several Standard Screenflex Room Dividers shape the Cascade Room. They ultimately chose their dividers to be 6 ft. in height and varying lengths from seven to eleven panels. Since these temporary walls rest on casters, the people at Hickory Falls can move them around to the desired shape. These dividers are also tackable, so if any party wanted to post signage up, they could easily do so without damage to the product. When we asked our contact, Dale, at Hickory Falls what he thought, he responded with the following quote: “We are pleased with the quality of construction and the lack of weight when moving the dividers.” We at Screenflex are thrilled that our portable dividers help out their banquet party room.