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Hide Equipment with Privacy Walls

The Location

Hemmens Cultural Center

The Challenge

Create Private Spaces and Hide Equipment

The Solution

A venue that has concerts or shows typically needs to have an adaptable backstage area. With different acts coming and going, there need to be private spaces for both instruments and people. The staff over at Hemmens Cultural Center wanted a barrier flexible enough to hide equipment and to create dressing rooms for their talent in the facility. Since they have used Screenflex products in the past, they reached out to one of the sales reps recently for additional privacy dividers.

The contact at Hemmens said that the purchasing experience with Screenflex was incredibly easy. He was able to find the perfect dividers and also add a couple of doors to the units as well. As pictured, the doors connect to the end of the screens, which makes entering the hidden area comfortable and private. While the picture shows how the partitions hide equipment, the staff also use these dividers as dressing rooms or even a place to display art. By having the portability from the casters, these partitions can adapt to any part of the room. The gray coloring is also subtle enough that it can match any environment. The center’s staff have recommended Screenflex Dividers in the past and will continue to in the future as well.