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Multi-Purpose Hotel Partition

Market: Hospitality
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The Location

Hotel Lobby

The Challenge

Section off Crowds for Events

The Solution

Hotel lobbies and event spaces can change their shape based on various needs. These venues are excellent for weddings, banquets, conferences, and more. When there is an event going on in a hotel, crowd control then becomes a primary focus of hotel staff due to the substantial amount of people coming in and out. Sometimes, when there is not enough room in the hotel’s banquet rooms, some parties can have an overflow area in the lobby. For these events, hotels are using multi-purpose hotel partitions from Screenflex to give their guests the privacy they need.

The Screenflex Standard Divider pictured here is the perfect temporary addition for multi-purpose needs. It is 6ft tall, which is an excellent height to shield most people for privacy. Two of the dividers can also connect for a sturdy barrier of any necessary length. These dividers can fold accordion-style to leave an opening for guests to walk through and reveal the space behind them. Similarly, when there is no event scheduled, the partitions can close up to a 2ft by 3ft space, making it compact for storage capabilities. When looking to control crowds and create privacy for events, multi-purpose hotel partitions are the right choice.