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Sample Planning Gallery

View the sample room design collection to see simple one room plans or complex multiple room plans. Our design plans include the use of one to 9 dividers to achieve the desired layout. Because we know no two rooms are alike our design and sales team work with each customer to ensure the right size room dividers are purchased. Our FREE custom plan comes with an accurate quote (including shipping), and there is never an obligation to buy. By requesting a FREE design plan, you are sure to get the room dividers that best fit your space and help you accomplish your goal, thus saving you time and money. See what your space could be transformed into today!

Private Tutor Rooms

St. Phillips Church Parish also ran a school. Like most schools the student population comprised of students at various levels…

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Architects Recommend Screenflex Room Dividers

  Architects Recommend Screenflex Room Dividers to Maximize Space Architects know what to build as well as what NOT to…

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Room Plan for Westwood Church

A room plan converting a multi-purpose room into Sunday school rooms The congregation at Westwood Baptist Church had chosen their…

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Five Rooms Created in Minutes

The congregation at Iglesia Hispana had grown past the reasonable capacities of their church. While there was no land available…

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Room Dividers for Reunion Church

Heavy-duty Room Dividers uses at Reunion Church Creating four additional classrooms in a large open area is easy when you…

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Four Large Sunday School Rooms

One of the rooms at Christ Church of India Cypress is very, very large. 63 by 28 to be exactapproximately…

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Three Dividers in Two Rooms

Diagrams for Three Dividers in Two Rooms Sometimes the shapes of a room can make things inefficient. Sometimes the converse…

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Four Rooms Using Four Dividers

How can the members of Colonial Baptist Church easily create four additional occasional use rooms in their large 39 by…

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