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Hospitality uses of Room Dividers

Regardless of the size or type of area you are responsible for managing, it can be quite a challenge. The need for flexible space is at an all-time high. Whether that space is in the largest hospitality facility or the smallest storage center, Screenflex Room Dividers are a cost-effective and efficient solution to your room dividing needs. For over 30 years, the versatile and sturdy design of Screenflex Portable Room Dividers has made them a leader in the room dividing industry. Our dividers are designed with a honeycomb core to absorb sound, create a tackable surface, and maintain its durability for years to come.  Today, well over 1,400,000 Screenflex Portable Room Divider panels are serving customers around the world. Choose your divider from our variety of heights, lengths, colors, and options.

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