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Middle School
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School architects were surveyed as to what is the greatest need for schools of the future.  The largest response was flexible space.  Middle school administrators and staff are faced with the challenge of locating and creating a space that will accommodate a variety of activities in a given room; may it be for researching, brainstorming, instructional learning or collaborative learning. The room must be able to adapt to these changes quickly.  School architects have begun to respond to the need for flexible space by creating large open rooms with comfortable seating, uses for technology, and movable walls.  The movable walls allow administration and staff to section off areas of the room for small group learning when needed and create privacy for meetings when a large room isn't needed.  Simply roll Screenflex Portable Walls to the side when the need for the large room arises.  It really is that easy!  The fabric walls can also be used to display student artwork for an open house or create private testing rooms for students.

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