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Set Up Quiet Collaborative Learning Areas

The Location

High School and University Libraries

The Challenge

Collaborative learning areas

The Solution


In an effort to offer more collaborative learning areas, many libraries are repurposing their book stack areas.  Although most areas remain as open gathering spaces, some areas still need to be divided for privacy and sound blocking.  When they aren’t needed, the divider screens fold back up and remain against the wall.

 What Are Collaborative Learning Areas? (CoLAs)

Collaborative Learning Areas are designed to facilitate group work. Spaces can be modified to best suit your group’s needs. CoLAs usually include:

  • Collaborative Workstations with circular tables, whiteboards, chairs, and desks
  • A large SMART Board screen/SMART Board Station
  • Workspace, equipped with LCD monitors and devices which allow participants to dock laptops for content.

It is imperative that CoLAs have the ability to be moved and set up in another space if needed.

Screenflex Room Dividers ~ The Solution To Dividing And Maximizing Space

Sturdy, durable and long-lasting, Screenflex Portable Walls are available in 6 heights and lengths and 38 fabric choices.

Manage the space in your facility with Screenflex. Call us today at 800-553-0110 for a quote or to get a list of customers in your area.



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