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Day Care Room Dividers in use

Teachers spend hours, if not months, designing the perfect classroom layout for their preschool and day care centers. Children thrive on organization and structure, which is why learning centers are an integral part of a classroom. Screenflex offers 4 feet and 5 feet room dividers to aid in clearly designating learning centers throughout the room while allowing the teacher a full view of the students in the learning center. Additionally, because young learners learn best from hands-on manipulated activities, the result is a large number of artwork projects that can be displayed throughout the classroom. These day care room dividers can also be used as a bulletin board. Staples, thumbtacks, and clips can be used to safely display items onto the fabric panels. An added benefit to the room dividers is their ability to absorb sound. Up to 65% of the sound is absorbed depending on the size and arrangement of the room dividers. To best serve your childcare needs Screenflex offers 36 sizes and 38 room divider colors.

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