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Libraries are a wonderful resource for countless entities. Since these facilities host a variety of community programs and events, privacy and adaptability are crucial to the success of a library. Screenflex Dividers help create the most comfort and privacy for library guests. These library partitions can create study pods, extra rooms for programs or events, and even germ barriers for times of high contagion.

Screenflex library room dividers can also help split up the quiet study areas and the collaboration spaces. Depending on the positioned angle, these portable walls can absorb up to 65% of sound, which can help limit auditory distractions in the quiet study areas.  Additionally, these dividers’ tackable fabric allows library technicians to display artwork, community events, and other signage. Ultimately, Screenflex folding walls shape your library space to fit any of your room dividing needs.

Looking for the best Screenflex room divider for your library needs? Visit our product pages and even build your own partition!

Room Dividers for Library Use

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