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University Library Computer Lab Privacy

Market: Library
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The Location

University Library

The Challenge

Separate computer lab and other workspaces

The Solution

When it comes to homework and studying, there is no better place at a University than the library computer lab. Even though most students have their own laptops, sometimes having a bigger screen is a better scenario. However, there are bound to be distractions in any workspace with several people in it. You can offer your students more privacy by adding a freestanding and temporary wall around these workspaces.

This example is a Screenflex Standard Divider to partially surround a row of desks. The placement in the university library creates separation from the computer lab and other workspaces. Since the screen folds accordion-style, it created a right angle around the desk area and felt like a temporary wall. These dividers block the sight for visual distractions, but they also can absorb sound. Though no room divider is entirely soundproof, these screens help with acoustics in conjunction with softer voices. When the room needs to be opened back up to its full size, these dividers can fold into a compact two ft by three ft space for storage needs. In general, adding partitions to your library tool belt can only attract more people and allow you to have a thriving library community.

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