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Library Study Space Privacy Walls

The Location

School Library

The Challenge

Section off a workspace for privacy during study groups

The Solution

There is no better place to focus than the school library when it comes to studying. It is generally a quiet atmosphere, and you also have endless resources available at your fingertips. However, in the case of group projects or study groups, sometimes you need to limit distractions in the space. By using Screenflex portable partitions, you can quickly separate an area to help dampen sound or limit visual distractions. As shown, this library chose to temporarily enclose a desk study space to offer privacy to those who need to use it.

Inside each Screenflex Standard Partition panel is a cardboard honeycomb core that helps trap pockets of sound. This feature enables the dividers to absorb excess noise and harsh echoes. In congruence with reasonably hushed voices, these panels enhance the library’s acoustics and can create some auditory privacy in this study space. Since these screens are portable too, the library staff or students can easily change them to fit different needs. The end casters lock to hold the divider in place once set. Another feature that can be useful for a library is the tackable fabric. If students want to pin stuff to these walls to brainstorm or help them study, they can do it without damage after removal. Librarians can also pin up signage as well. In general, these dividers are an essential tool for a quiet, yet efficient workspace in a library.

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