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Bullet-Resistant Library Divider

The Location


The Challenge

Add preventative protection to a library setting

The Solution

A library setting, among other public-facing facilities, must have the proper resources to create a safety plan in an emergency. While the goal is never to need protection from a bullet, having a plan and tools in place can help you feel prepared if required. For this reason, this library uses a multipurpose bullet-resistant divider as both a whiteboard and a protective barrier.

The Screenflex Multipurpose Ballistic Barrier is a highly durable single-panel wall that can go anywhere in your facility. When unlocked, the Total Lock Swivel Casters will easily allow your barrier to move to the desired location in your facility. However, as soon as you fasten the casters, this barrier will completely lock in place. This bullet-resistant wall divider can withstand immense force and will help protect your library staff and patrons. However, these panels should also be accompanied by a plan of action that all of your team is aware of. Many industries are known to have preventative active shooter drills to prepare in case it happens.

In addition to the potential use for emergencies, these barriers also offer day-to-day functions. The Multipurpose Ballistic Barriers have the option of a dry-erase surface that library members can use for brainstorming or meetings. Another option is the tackable fabric which allows you to pin posters and other signage to the panel.

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