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Concurrent Library Workshops

Market: Library
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The Location

Rock Rapids Public Library- IA

The Challenge

Divide a large meeting room in Library

The Solution

We all know libraries are a great resource for more than just books. There are workshops, classes, author signings, and even just quiet workspaces throughout the day all in one place. Since there is limited space that allows a noisy atmosphere in these facilities, there needs to be separation from the quiet areas and from event to event. As a solution, one of our customers at Rock Rapids Public Library uses room dividers for this separation and creating classrooms for concurrent workshops.

Our contact at Rock Rapids said that they heard about our room dividers from another staff member’s church. The goal of the temporary walls in this library is to create smaller meeting spaces within a larger room. Since these portable partitions have some sound-absorbing capabilities, they limit excess noise such as harsh echoes. Although not showcased in the photo, the Designer Lake fabric on Rock Rapid’s dividers are easy to pin without damage. This feature works great for displaying posters or other signage. When asked about their dividers, they told us that “the size, style, and color met their needs and that Screenflex provided excellent service.” We’re happy to provide Rock Rapids library with the best space-dividing tool for their concurrent workshops.

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