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Library Children's Section Separation

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The Location

Children Section of a Library

The Challenge

Create separation between a play area and desk space

The Solution

In a quiet atmosphere like a library, sometimes space division is necessary. For instance, many libraries these days have a play area near the kids’ books where the volume could be louder than the rest of the facility. The children’s section of the library, for this reason, should have separation from desks and other workspaces. By using Screenflex partitions in your space, you can separate these areas for the privacy and safety of your members.

The librarians in this example placed a Screenflex Standard Divider between a play area and writing desks. While most kids aren’t going to be running around in an indoor space, any play could still be a safety risk to others around them. This barrier between the two areas helps prevent loose toys from accidentally flying toward the kids or adults at the desks. In addition to the safety wall, having separation in the library children’s section creates better acoustics. Each of these panels contains a cardboard honeycomb core that helps trap pockets of sound. Additionally, if these librarians wanted to hang up signage, these portable partitions have tackable fabric on each panel. In general, Screenflex products can help give you the options for library room division needs.

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