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Portable Walls for Universities and Student Unions

Universities and college campuses have all greatly benefited from using Screenflex portable room dividers in their student unions.

Divide cafeterias, create extra meeting or classroom spaces, and even increase productivity in small group discussions by utilizing adaptable and durable portable partitions.

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Portable Wall Dividers for Universities and Student Unions

Portable partitions are essential tools in universities and their student unions. These freestanding room dividers can help the central hub of your college become the entirely adaptable space it is meant to be. Administrators, professors, and community group organizers have all used these accordion-style university dividers to help maximize their facility and also achieve the look they are going for in their union center.

Partition off part of your university bookstore, create privacy in your cafeteria, and construct private meeting spaces for students to gather. The temporary walls can create a variety of shapes to customize your student union center to fit your needs best.


Top Benefits of Portable Partitions in University Student Unions

  • Customization- Over 36 sizes and colors are available to personalize your facility exactly as you desire.
  • Student privacy– Sturdy and portable, ready to use in any situation.
  • Sound absorption- Can block up to 55% of ambient noise, which significantly absorbs harsh echoes and other sounds.
  • Close-off meeting spaces – Create alcoves for student projects and study sessions.
  • Hide construction and storage- Temporary walls visually block expansion or maintenance.


Portable Partitions Offer Versatility for Use in Any Building

Screenflex room dividers also fold compactly and have self-leveling casters for stability, which makes these products a breeze to move from building to building within your college campus.

Further, use the screens in your university for upcoming events or even adaptable classroom space. The fabric covering option allows the divider to hold tackable items easily without damage to the panels. This feature is beneficial when your university art department hosts a gallery event or if you just want to display signage for upcoming activities. There is no limit in how these freestanding room dividers can help you achieve your goals in the union center or anywhere else on campus.