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Bullet Resistant (Bulletproof) Whiteboard for Every Day Use

The Location

Facility Cafeteria

The Challenge

Have a ballistic barrier that doubles as an every day whiteboard

The Solution

Any workplace, be it an office, government site, or school, could use multifunctional tools in their building. For instance, while many facilities tend to need dry erase writing surfaces or partitions, there is no reason these devices shouldn’t also serve other functions. Screenflex Portable Partitions saw the need for not only whiteboard partitions but also, as heard from their customers, the need for ballistic protection barriers. So as a solution, the leaders at Screenflex invented a bullet-resistant (aka bulletproof) and freestanding whiteboard for any public space.

While these Multipurpose Ballistic Whiteboard Barriers are not 100% bulletproof, they do offer significant protection from certain munitions and meet the performance levels of UL 752 Level 3 and NIJ Standard 0108.01 Type III-A. These panels have the option of a dry-erase/ magnetic writing surface or a tackable fabric on either side. The idea behind this design is for everyday use of brainstorming sessions, displaying items, and other collaboration needs. Even though these panels are easily portable, they are almost entirely immovable when they are locked. This feature, along with the extensive layers of absorptive fiberglass, makes these whiteboard barriers a highly effective and protective tool. Learn more about these barriers on our product page.