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Virtual Bible Study Resources for Churches

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Virtual Bible Study Resources

For Christian teens and adults, studying the Bible can provide a deeper understanding of their faith. Many online tools are available to help you study the scriptures, including both websites and mobile apps. You can even bring the Bible along with you digitally instead of needing to carry the book itself, making it easier to fit Bible study into your daily routine whenever you have free time.

Bible Study Tools

Bible Verses

  • Topical Bible: This topical Bible makes it possible to search for Biblical scriptures based on subjects and keywords.
  • Verse of the Day: Get daily inspiration by checking this verse of the day website.
  • Bible Verse of the Day: The verse changes daily on this website, so you can check in regularly to be inspired and uplifted.
  • Daily Promises: Meditating on God’s promises is a great way to feel positive and inspired.
  • Today’s Bible Reading: This website posts a new Bible reading every day for visitors.
  • Survey of Proverbs: Studying the book of Proverbs is an excellent way to gain Biblical wisdom.
  • Tecarta Bible: If you’re not sure of the verse you want, you can just enter a few keywords into the search field here.

Bible Study Apps

  • Our Daily Bread: Use this app on a mobile device to read daily devotionals and learn about scripture.
  • Bible Hub: This app helps you find sermons, devotionals, and Bible verses.
  • The Bible Memory App: Learn Bible verses by heart with this Bible memory app.
  • MemVerse Bible App: Knowing Bible verses by memory means that you can refer to them whenever you need them throughout the day.
  • Daily Audio Bible App: Hearing the word of God in an audio app is a great way to study the Bible.
  • The Bible App: This app makes it easy to carry a Bible with you everywhere you go.
  • App: This app is a free download, and you can bookmark and highlight passages, too.
  • Our Bible App: This Bible app is specifically made for progressive believers who want to learn more about God.

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