Screenflex The Greatest Show On Earth!

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Screenflex fabrics can be seen at the “Greatest Show On Earth”.  Approximately 200 sq. yards of red, yellow and grey Screenflex fabric was used to create a spectacular circus scene for the fall WHS musical Barnum.  John Van Alstyne and Krys Van Alstyne helped create the incredible circus tent, gigantic moving elephant and other set pieces for this amazing show.

Pictured from left to right: David Van Alstyne – Julius Goldschmidt, Stilt Walker, Danny Ostrowski – Tom Thumb, Brett Nelson – Mr. Morrisey, Tattooed Man.

Wauconda High School’s opening night of Barnum came to the WHS Auditorium last night, November 17, 2011 at 7:00pm.  The show will run for three days. You’ll see flips, splits and other stunts in this animated musical.  Shown above are: Maranda Riley, Jack Nachman, Ally Schroepfer – Mrs. Stratton, Tumbler, Breanna Jones – Tumbler, Alex Raffini – Siamese Twin, Hooper, Lauren Lerew – Hooper, Emporium Woman, Paige Bartuch and Nicolette Ryan.

Barnum’s talented directors include: Amber Gibbard – Director, Aimee Evans – Technical Director, Brenda Glawe -Music Director, Meghan Reimers – Choreographer, Jack Holt – Pit Director, Rebecca Roppelt – Assistant Director and Danielle Prosek – Stage Manager Thousands of hours were put into this wonderful production of Barnum.  “I like your style Wauconda High School”!

Barnum is based on the life of P.T. Barnum from 1835-1880 in America and major cities around the world.  Barnum stayed in the circus business despite his wife’s wishes. He worked with some incredible performers such as the oldest woman alive, Joice Heth, Tom Thumb and the famous opera singer Jenny Lind.  In the end, Barnum joins Bailey and they become legends. The Barnum and Bailey circus is probably the most well know circus in American history. Pictured above is Danny Ostrowski playing Tom Thumb.

Barnum gets his museum building ready “One Brick At A Time”. Ari Castronovo – Trapeze Artist, Chris Nachman – Mr. Stratton, Clown, Katlynn Aquino – Melody, Flame Twirler, Sarah Ulrich – Ballerina, Marissa Guido – Queen of the Jungle, David Van Alstyne – Julius Goldschmidt, Stilt Walker, Briana Brunn – Ballerina, Adelle McDaniel – Charity Barnum, Sulaiman Khwaja – Clown and David Wall – Amos Scudder, Mime perform this entertaining number.

Great job Wauconda High School!  Break a leg…

Zach Decker – Bailey, Megan Casebolt – Ballerina, Katlynn Aquino – Melody, Flame Twirler, Caleb Hill – Barnum, Briana Brunn – Ballerina, Sarah Ulrich – Ballerina, Sulaiman Khwaja – Clown pictured in the Barnum Finale.