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Dividers for Airports and Other Aeronautical Settings


Whether you have an airport or airforce base, Screenflex portable room dividers can help adapt your facility.

Movable airport partitions allow you to manage security checkpoints, block off maintenance projects, and create privacy for patrons, among other uses in any terminal.

Room Dividers in Airport Facilities

These airport room dividers generate the utmost flexibility in even the fastest-moving facilities.

Screenflex Dividers are sturdy and retractable, perfect for any space in your facility. In a location where crowd control is necessary, temporary walls are the best tools. These portable partitions can easily fold up into a 2ft by 3ft space for incredibly compact storage during slow times. Screenflex Dividers also come in various heights, lengths, and colors to accommodate any building. Speak with a sales consultant today to find the right Screenflex product for your airport!