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3 Rooms

This gallery shows how easy it easy to create 3 rooms with many variations of room divider sizes, options, and layouts. No need to draw up architectural plans or wait months for your desired space. Let Screenflex Room Dividers transform your facility into the space you desire. With over 36 sizes to choose from the right size portable wall is within reach. Screenflex sales consultants are available to assist you with what size to buy, what colors to choose and what options are best for your unique plan. Once your portable partition arrives, simply roll it into place and enjoy your new flexible space.

Portable Walls at Living Waters

Living Water Uses Portable Walls At Screenflex, we understand that church buildings come in many different shapes and sizes.  Since…

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Screenflex Use for Classrooms

Screenflex Use Capabilities Park districts and private enterprises often run different programs for children and adults simultaneously. One easy way…

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Uniquely Shaped Room Requires a Unique Solution

Dividing a Unique Shaped Room with Room Dividers Some rooms are unlike any other. Such is the case with our…

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Screenflex Dividers Provide TSA Agents Privacy

TSA Agents Privacy Solution Security at airports has become very important across the globe.  As a result, TSA agents have…

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More with Fewer Room Dividers

Gain More Space with Fewer Room Dividers Sometimes less can be more. Such is the case with how we helped…

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Three Rooms at Eden Housing

Three Rooms in an Open Area Even a housing complex can have a use for acoustical portable walls. In this…

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Three Rooms Using Three Dividers

Using 3 dividers to create classrooms This plan is pretty common. The size of the room is pretty typical for…

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