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Pipe and Drape vs. Room Dividers: Which to Use For Your event?

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Pipe and Drape vs. Room Dividers

The event industry is always fast-paced and ever-changing. During any event, there needs to be strong coordination of food, decorations, and activities. If you are looking into event-decorating needs specifically, you might be considering different forms of backdrops to fit the occasion. Depending on the type of event, many people either use pipe and drape or portable room dividers. Both are excellent tools, however, some events simply are the best suited for each one. Here are some recommendations of backdrops you should use for your specific ceremony or celebration.


Weddings and banquets typically call for an elegant and formal style. Usually, drapes work best for this type of event since they can add a level of gracefulness to a space. Depending on the theme of your wedding, using white translucent drapery can look exceptionally classy. Try adding white strings of lights to the drapery as well for additional ambiance. These types of drapes work for either the wedding booker or the facility manager. If you are putting on your own wedding, pipe and drape can be an affordable option with a beautiful look to it. Similarly, if you run a wedding venue, this can be a great choice to offer your clients trying to book.

2) Art Shows

During an art show, teachers and artists need a place to display a collection of people’s work easily. For this purpose, portable room dividers would be the best option. There are room dividers on the market that are sturdy, and also include a tackable fabric. Screenflex standard dividers create a pleasing display board. Designed to withstand items tacked to it, this fabric doesn’t rip or tear after removal of said items. Plus, by resting on wheels, these backdrops can easily be moved to a different location or to storage. Try using a black or grey divider to make the artwork pop in contrast. 

3) Rallies

When putting together a rally for a political candidate or a social justice issue, the goal is to use tools that are sturdy and easily movable. For these reasons, room dividers again are typically the best solution. The format for these types of events usually involves a stage with one or many speakers presenting on it. There are other occasions where there is no formal stage and you have to create your own. Since portable room dividers can bend accordion-style, they can create a semi-circle for an appealing look. Pipe and drape can also work, although there is not as much flexibility in shape. Depending on the keynote speaker, using a solid color can make them pop and stay on theme. For a political figure, try either a red or blue divider as a backdrop or a neutral color for other rallies. 

4) Concerts

The backdrop for concerts can vary depending on what genre they are. Symphonies, in particular, include people who primarily sit still as they play their instrument. The backdrop for this type of concert can have some flexibility without fear of someone tripping over it. Either a Screenflex Room Divider shaped into a half circle like above could work or drapery as well. In the case of rock or pop band where they tend to move around a lot, perhaps drapery would work best as long as it’s hung from the ceiling; this will prevent artists and stage runners from tripping onstage. Big budget concerts usually branch out even further and use video technology that shows what occurs on stage. For those who have a smaller budget though, try using long black drape for artists who move a lot on stage. 

These are just a couple of event examples of when to use pipe and drape vs. room dividers. Whether you are in the event industry or merely organizing a solo event, it’s always important to know your options when it comes to the perfect decorations.

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