Room Dividers To Create Two Rooms For Awana

The Orlando Airport Uses Screenflex Dividers For Easy Crowd Control
Visual & Sound Barrier Walls During Church Banquets

Pastor Paul at Crosspointe Church in Sanger California uses a Screenflex room dividers to separate two Awana groups. They like the flexibility and portability of the dividers. Over the years, an excess of tables and chairs overflow the storage area. A Screenflex room divider works great to hide the odds and ends and provide a nice expandable storage area.

Screenflex Room Dividers ~ The Solution For Providing Space For Awana Programs

Sturdy, durable and long-lasting, Screenflex portable walls are available in 36 heights and lengths and 38 fabric choices. Manage the space in your facility with Screenflex. Call us today at 800-553-0110 for a quote or to get a list of customers in your area.

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church storage room divider

Room Dividers work well to separate two groups for Awana.


portable partition dividing a room

Open up the divider to provide a great visual barrier.