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Mosque Prayer Privacy

The Location

A Mosque in a Warm Climate

The Challenge

Blocking off an area in mosque for prayer privacy

The Solution

Traditional Muslim worshippers go to their mosque up to five times a day for their daily prayers. Some go to the main prayer room, while others look for quieter and more private spaces for their worshipping. Generally speaking, the men and women pray separately to limit distractions and enhance privacy. If men pray in the main room and a couple of women need space or vice versa, they can easily create their own temporary room. In this example, Screenflex portable room dividers surround a small carpeted area for temporary prayer privacy in a mosque.

Since Muslims kneel when they pray, a carpet in their prayer spot is necessary for comfort. As shown, in this sectioned-off area by an open Qibla wall, there is enough room for a rug and a few kneeling mats. This corner becomes its own temporary room by simply opening up the dividers and enclosing the area. These freestanding partitions fold accordion-style, allowing them to create various shapes and the appearance of a new room. If the worshipper wants further privacy, they can pin a do not disturb sign to prevent others from entering the space. When the prayer concludes, the dividers fold back up compactly and can store out of the way against the wall.

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