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Fellowship Space

The Location

Gateway Church

The Challenge

Create an Entry Way for a Private Fellowship Space

The Solution

Churches have more events and activities than just Sunday Mass. Typically, these facilities also have one or several large multipurpose rooms for fellowships. Gateway Church has a large open area that needs to section off various events. The church leaders wanted to control an area of the room for their kids’ group and have a single entry point. To properly divide their fellowship space, Gateway Church came to Screenflex for moveable partitions.

The space they needed a barrier for was 39′ 7″. After a discussion with our sales team, they discovered that two Standard Dividers, an 11-panel and a 9-panel, would be the best fit for the length. These partitions are not only portable but also sturdy as the position control hinges hold them securely in place. Each divider has frames on both ends for extra sturdiness, giving it a pyramid-like foundation. The added door panels are held together with an industrial magnet and swing 90 degrees either direction, making it easy to come and go as needed. This doorway also helps with crowd control by adding a single entry point for the kids to go through. By having a variety of different sizes, colors, and add-ons, there is a Screenflex Divider for any fellowship space.

Divide Fellowship Space • Reduce Noise • Display Materials

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