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Flexible Church Divider

The Location

Oak Grove Lutheran Church

The Challenge

Divide Large Room Into Small Classrooms and Meeting Spaces.

The Solution

Church spaces need to be adaptable for many different uses. Some church rooms have several functions. Oak Grove Lutheran Church, for instance, hosted classes and meetings in their multipurpose room and needed a way to divide the space. A leader from this church reached out to Screenflex for a solution of sectioning off the area. With help from their sales consultant, they were able to find the perfect product. They decided to get a flexible church divider to create small classroom and meeting space within the room.

Pictured above is a Screenflex Standard Divider positioned to hide some tables and chairs. This is a flexible church divider that can help shape a room. The partition rests on self-leveling casters that can adjust to any surface, making them portable yet sturdy. For added stability, each unit has steel end frames giving it a pyramid-like foundation. These dividers also have a honeycomb core that minimizes sound and distractions. This structure can be beneficial if multiple classes occur at once, and loud voices and echoes fill the room. Any church leader can benefit from this type of partition to help make the most of their space.

Divide Fellowship Space • Reduce Noise • Display Materials

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