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Sunday School Class Area

The Location

Villa Heights Baptist Church

The Challenge

Create a Sunday School Class in Fellowship Hall

The Solution

Depending on the location, churches may need to use their space for many adaptations. When Villa Heights Baptist Church reached out to Screenflex, they had a 4000 sq ft Fellowship Hall and wanted to create an individual Sunday School class area out of it. The church leaders needed a structure or barrier to contain the classroom, while other activities took place in the hall. After some discussion, their Screenflex sales consultant helped them pick out the perfect combination of dividers for a semi-private area.

The Screenflex Standard Dividers surround the classroom space pictured above. This Fellowship Hall’s highest ceiling altitude is about 25ft high, so the leaders decided to use our tallest unit standing at 8ft to enclose the Sunday School class space. These partitions rest on casters that smoothly glide over any surface. The corner casters also lock in place to help sturdily keep the desired shape. By minimizing sight and sounds, the dividers help prevent distractions and allow the class to give their full attention. Brown paneling is subtle, and also matches the rest of the decor in the room. With the help of these screens, this church created a confined and comfortable Sunday School teaching area.

Divide Fellowship Space • Reduce Noise • Display Materials

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