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Church Meeting Space

The Location

Hope Assembly of God

The Challenge

Create Additional Meeting Space for the Church

The Solution

Church leaders can find a variety of different uses for their place of worship. Some examples could include Bible studies, youth ministries, and support groups. For larger churches, this can be especially true as they have a lot of members congregating regularly. The question is, how do they maximize the space they have for multiple events or workshops at once? Hope Assembly of God in New Jersey came to Screenflex to find the perfect answer for their church’s meeting space.

The space that the church leaders were looking to split was a large multi-purpose room. They ended up choosing a 6’8, 13 panel Standard Divider to reach a little over half of their room’s width. The divider pictured is Designer Walnut in coloring that matches well with the door and walls. The sound-absorbing panels not only create a visual barrier for the church to have two groups at once, but they also help diminish noise as well. This divider is also on wheels and not attached to the wall, creating a multi-purpose room that can evolve to the event that is taking place. For children’s ministries, the church instructors will love the tackable feature for displays and posters. When looking for the best ways to utilize a church’s meeting space, Screenflex dividers can create many diverse options.

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