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Smaller Classroom Spaces in Methodist Church

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The Location

First United Methodist Church- Mesquite, TX

The Challenge

Break up a large multipurpose room into several classrooms

The Solution

Many churches have multipurpose rooms in their facility that can accommodate several programs at once. Since there needs to be a separation between activities, many churches use room dividers to create smaller classroom spaces. First United Methodist Church in Mesquite, TX, wanted to break up its multipurpose room for this reason. By reaching out to Screenflex, these church leaders were able to find the perfect partition for their needs.

As shown in the picture, this church chose Screenflex Heavy Duty Dividers for their facility. The screens enclose an area of the multipurpose room for a classroom. These Heavy Duty Partitions are among Screenflex’s sturdiest products and are meant to withstand areas with a lot of foot traffic. This method of dividing classrooms is perfect for event spaces that must be adapted quickly. Since the partitions fold accordion-style, they can close up into a compact 2ft by 3ft space for storage or moving from room to room. Then, when they need to separate the rooms again, they can easily open to the desired position. The position control hinges and locking casters hold the screen into place and only allow it to move when you want it to.

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