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Church Privacy Panels

Market: Religious
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The Location

Incarnation Parish

The Challenge

Create Privacy During Reconciliation

The Solution

Churches everywhere can benefit from Screenflex Room Dividers. Not only do these panels divide church rooms, but they also provide privacy and a tackable surface as well. Incarnation Parish is one example of a variety of uses for just one divider. Their partitions specifically create privacy during reconciliation in the church’s open space. They purchased a divider that is 6ft in height and 3 panels in length. These screens also fold accordion-style to create the right-angle pictured, or completely straight otherwise. They also display notices easily as well. The color that this church chose was our wheat-colored fabric, which is an excellent neutral tone that works in most facilities.

Even when asked about their room dividers, our contact at Incarnation Parish said, “They were packed well, assembled neatly, and have attractive fabric.” It is good to hear from a customer about the quality of our product beginning from the shipping process. Screenflex’s church privacy panels are some of the best quality on the market and will last decades in these facilities. We also asked the people at Incarnation what were the top benefits of their Screenflex products. Their response was that our dividers were “durable, operate smoothly, and made from nice materials.”

We are thrilled that our products continue to help adapt our customers’ space.

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