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Multiply Your Church Classroom Space

The Location

New Song Christian Fellowship- Brentwood, TN

The Challenge

Multiply classroom space in church

The Solution

What is one of the best times to use a room divider? Splitting up a large multipurpose room, of course. One of the original reasons we created these temporary walls several decades ago was to help churches create bible study classrooms in their gymnasiums and larger spaces. Because these partitions are freestanding from the wall, they can essentially change the entire shape of the room. By adding room dividers in this church, New Song Christian Fellowship, they began to multiply their classroom spaces.

New Song Christian Fellowship originally purchased its first Screenflex Room Divider a few years back. Since then, they have slowly added to their collection over the years and now have six in total. Their goal was to host a few classes and activities at once in their larger space, and as time progressed, more rooms became necessary. As shown, there is a classroom framed by two different partitions. Then, beyond the divider, another class in session also takes place. They have a couple of height dividers, 6’8″ and 8’0″, high enough to shield the average person. If their classroom spaces need to change again in the future, they can continue to multiply their collection of partitions and grow their separate spaces.

When we asked our contact at the church about their Screenflex products, they told us that they exceeded their expectations in both quality and the service they received.

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