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Breakout Area for Sunday Service

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The Location

Community Church

The Challenge

Breakout Area For Sunday Service

The Solution

A church, especially one that is active in the community, can have various ever-changing needs for only one space. Some churches, in particular, realize that their parishioners tend to congregate after Sunday services to catch up with the community. It is common for members to start bringing dishes to pass and make it into a regular gathering. This activity can happen so frequently it becomes a tradition. The issue? It needs to be separate from where they worship. Many Church leaders realized the importance of having an area for the sermon, but also a separate breakout area for socialization and even refreshments afterward.

The Screenflex Standard Room Divider closes off the seated section for when the worship occurs and then subsequently opens back up from the middle so churchgoers can file orderly into the breakout area. The accordion-style partitions fold neatly and can be pushed against the wall for compact storage when there is no service. Any church looking for both a temporary and an alterable solution, in this case, would benefit from this type of design. Church Leaders have been pleased with how easy and functional the screens are and often recommend them to others.

Divide Fellowship Space • Reduce Noise • Display Materials

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