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Temporary Wall Creates Hidden Storage

Market: Religious
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The Location

Church Multipurpose Room

The Challenge

Create neat and tidy storage space

The Solution

Like most facilities, this church needed a dedicated space to store furniture and other things not in use. However, when you need to make more room for these items, a room divider usually is the best tool. A temporary wall creates a boundary with storage hidden behind it. The leaders at this church decided to use two Screenflex Room Dividers to act as the barrier.

As shown, the products used are our Standard Dividers. These are our most versatile partitions that work well in any facility. In addition to opening completely like in the picture, these panels also fold accordion-style to create a variety of shapes and designs. This feature also allows the dividers to close in a compact space in case the church leaders want to use that part of the room for something else. In addition to being a barrier for hidden storage, this temporary wall also creates an acoustical wall as well. Each individual panel contains a closed-cell honeycomb core that absorbs sound and excess noise. Since a lot of churches have high vaulted ceilings, this feature helps minimize any harsh echoes. In general, these portable partitions make an excellent addition to any church or other facility that needs storage space.

Divide Fellowship Space • Reduce Noise • Display Materials

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