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Food Pantry Storage

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The Location

Trinity Lutheran Church- Stephens City, VA

The Challenge

Enclosure for Food Pantry at Church

The Solution

Do you easily run out of space for storage in your food pantry? Sometimes when a church community adds a food pantry to their existing facility, they need to get creative with where they store the extra supplies. Trinity Lutheran Church tucked away their excess food in one of their spare rooms. However, they needed a way to help enclose the area to keep it looking tidy. By using a Screenflex portable room divider, these church leaders could keep all of their pantry items together in a safe and organized fashion.

They decided on a 6 ft tall, 11-panel Standard Room Divider to place in front of their food pantry storage. As shown, the panels are almost entirely opened, creating the appearance of a temporary wall. This design mainly shields the boxes of food and other supplies and keeps them together in a compact yet presentable space. Our contact at the church told us that they love how the dividers quickly move and close up when they have a food delivery. Because of the panels folding accordion-style, these screens can also close into a 2ft by 3ft space. This feature allows them to store out of the way when not needed.

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