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Adjustable Walls for Smaller Classrooms

The Location

St. Francis First Baptist

The Challenge

Create Smaller Classrooms Out of a Larger Fellowship Space

The Solution

In any facility with so many people coming in and out, having an adaptable space is essential. Churches, in particular, seem to need flexibility for all of the groups that utilize their space. From Bible studies to Sunday Schools and everything in between, there are many uses for this facility type. A staff member at St. Francis First Baptist in Kansas reached out to us at Screenflex with an inquiry to improve their space’s flexibility. By using adjustable walls from Screenflex, this church staff created smaller classrooms for their fellowship space.

As you can see from the photos and videos, the people at this church currently use a couple of Screenflex Dividers in their space. They opted for our Standard Unit, which is the most popular for its versatility. By folding them partially in an accordion-style fashion, they add a unique look to their room. Also, while these partitions are not completely soundproof, they do block some sound if one of the groups is particularly loud. These adjustable walls are an excellent addition to make their classrooms smaller to fit multiple activities at once. When they are not in use, they can quickly close up compactly and store out of the way. In general, our contact at this church was very pleased with his product!

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