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How to Increase Productivity in your Library with Dividers

There is no denying that public libraries help millions of Americans throughout the country. As a librarian, your library not only houses a wealth of information within the books, but it can also help foster the local community. Since your library is a center for learning and productivity, you want to give your patrons the best experience to get their work done. Here’s how portable room dividers can help maximize your library space. 


When working in a crowded library, the open office-like feel can sometimes get a little distracting or prevent privacy. Portable dividers can help create semi-private workspaces for community members when they come in. Our wall dividers can bend in various ways, such as the 90-degree angle shown, a “U-shape,” or even accordion-style.

library dividers

Healthflex Dividers partially surround library workspace

The right-angled corner can help create privacy while working in the middle of the room. By putting a chair in that corner, workers can ensure there are no peering eyes on their screen and potentially increase productivity.

Sound Absorption

Even though many libraries are known for their quiet and reasonably tranquil atmosphere, they are not entirely distraction-free. As we all know, it can be hard to focus when it feels like your brain is rattling from the conversations surrounding you. While room dividers won’t get rid of all sound in the library, they can certainly help minimize it.

We designed our partitions with sound absorption in mind. Each of our panels includes ½” closed cell honeycomb core covered by two layers of fiberglass on both sides. This unique design can help dampen up to 65% of excess noise when set up at a 90-degree angle. 

Kids/ Teens Areas

library dividers for kids area

Standard Dividers create a kids/teens area

As we know, libraries don’t only accommodate adults, but also teens and kids. Many modern libraries even include an entire section of the building dedicated to only kids’ books and a playroom. However, since these spaces are also a distraction to those working in the facility, offering a portable wall can keep the noise levels low. As a bonus, these wall dividers can also keep wandering kids contained to one area as well.

Like a kids’ area, many libraries will have designated areas for teens/preteens. Many public libraries host community events and hangouts for this age group to promote reading and education. Acoustical room dividers can help provide young people their own space in their library to connect with their peers and learn from these events. 


Libraries are not only a quiet working space but also a resource that promotes collaboration. In many cases, libraries will have separate conference rooms available to rent for this type of meeting. However, in the case of overflow or no extra conference rooms, a contingency plan needs to be in order.

library dividers

Dry Erase/Tackable Dividers are the ultimate collaboration tool

Using the Screenflex Dry Erase/Tackable Divider, collaborative meetings can occur anywhere in your library. These screens offer the same benefits of absorbing sound and creating temporary walls while adding a dry-erase surface on one side. This portable whiteboard is great for meetings, study groups, and any other collaboration.

Social Distancing

While we hope that the end of the COVID-19 Pandemic is in our sights, it cannot realistically be done until it is absolutely safe. In the meantime, social distancing is still a common practice. However, if your library is an open floor plan, it can be challenging to limit large groups from gathering.

Instead, temporary walls can help close off a section of a room and make it feel smaller. By creating social distancing pods around your library, you can limit the number of people in any given space. Using our clear plexiglass dividers can also allow for collaboration while remaining safe from germ spreading.

library dividers

Clear plexiglass partitions help social distancing in a public setting

Your library’s community deserves the best facility that can be provided for them. By utilizing Screenflex portable library dividers, your facility can adapt to any circumstance.

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