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Folding Room Partitions Create a Navy Base Living Room

Portable Partitions for the Navy

Folding Room Partitions for NRNW Community Center

Using portable partitions is the perfect way to break up a larger room and turn it into two or more rooms.  Portable partitions can make a room feel warm and cozy by creating a smaller more intimate space.  How about using room dividers to make a living room feel just like home?  The NRNW Community Support Center did exactly that. About one week ago, the NRNW Community Support Center received their Screenflex partitions. Lela and Miah ordered four partitions to use on their military base.  She explains how they are using Screenflex.

“We have a large multi-purpose room that is used as a party room/meeting room.  The party room is a huge living room made for the sailors to relax and feel at home. They are using a couple of the dividers to create a private living room. There are comfy couches and a big screen tv in the room.  It’s the perfect place for the sailors to go after being aboard their ships for many months.”

There are many places the NRNW can use the dividers.  Here are a few other places that they plan to use them:

  • Children’s Library
  • Living Room
  • Bowling Alley
  • Movie Room
  • Game Room
  • Adult Library

Lela received her order last week and reports how much they love the compact nature of the partitions when folded up.  She thought they ordered the wrong size and was pleasantly surprised that the full 24′ partitions were what they received.  She also commented on the fine quality of the product and is delighted that they hook together easily.  The Keyport military base has kept several partitions in the food and beverage department.  They have also been very satisfied with the dividers.

Thank you for all that you do for our country!

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