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“Great room dividers! Easy process to order and receive. They keep our area in the building secure, especially for confidentiality purposes. Also comes in handy for vendor escorts to block off certain sections or labs.”


-Vanessa | Apple Inc.

“Great quality, easy to move and store! We love that we can connect them for use in our large meeting room. Excellent customer service. We got these to augment the 3 we have had for years. We could not be happier.


-Peggy | Church at the Cross

“Our purchasing process [with Screenflex] was great. The dividers are perfect for breaking up a large meeting room space in our facility.”


-Ruth | Penn State University

“The dividers and purchasing process are excellent. The top benefits are how they divide rooms in our facility. We use them to close an area during our Town Hall meetings.”


-Kemuel | BioNTech

Quality Materials and a Superior Design Set Screenflex Portable Room Dividers Apart

How can I divide a room without a permanent wall?

Our goal is to help you use your existing space more efficiently with our versatile solutions.  Whether you’re sectioning off classrooms, dividing conference rooms into manageable areas, or displaying artwork, what you need is a flexible solution. Screenflex Portable Room Dividers offer a cost-effective way to use freestanding folding room partitions as portable classrooms, temporary walls, acoustical barriers, and moveable art displays. The versatility of Screenflex partitions, including portable wall partitions and folding office partitions, makes them ideal for houses of worship, schools, corporations, and more. Customize your room separator by choosing from our 36 room divider size options and 38 color choices. Our portable free-standing screens are the best option to divide a room without building on an additional permanent wall.

What is the best room divider?

The best room divider screen is the one that serves multiple purposes. We know that room divider sizes and colors are important, but we believe that the quality of parts that go into making your foldable Screenflex divider is what makes our room partition serve you best. At the core of our moveable wall partitions design is the combination of proven features that provide you with a flexible room divider that withstands years of use. Screenflex offers an arrary of products including room dividers, soundproof room dividers, portable wall partitions, portable room dividers, commercial room partitions, folding office partitions, acoustic room dividers, moveable wall panels and more! Features include:

  • Self-leveling casters-keep your Screenflex temporary walls level and provide long-lasting durability and stability
  • Steel end frames-lower the unit’s center of gravity and allow you to move the divider easily with an unobstructed sightline
  • Full-length hinges-connect panels every 4 inches to limit visual distractions
  • 3/4-inch closed cell honeycomb core is covered on both sides with two layers of environmentally friendly, sound-absorbing fiberglass insulation earning a .65 NRC rating for noise reduction and E84 fire safety certification
High-Quality Portable Walls

To effectively divide a room, all you need is a sturdy and retractable room partition on wheels that’s meant for commercial use. Satisfying your needs is how Screenflex folding partition walls became the leading provider of temporary walls in the marketplace, including customers near you. In fact, no other portable partition is built as sturdy as a Screenflex Room Divider. That is why we are confident in offering a 100% quality guarantee for all your Screenflex purchases. View our compare portable room dividers manufacturers chart and see for yourself how our quality compares to other folding partition walls. Our portable room dividers are engineered to provide unparalleled versatility, making them ideal for various settings, including offices, schools, and houses of worship. With acoustic room divider options available, you can ensure privacy and enhance productivity wherever you go. Choose from our wide range of room partitions, including portable wall partitions and moveable wall panels, to transform any space effortlessly.