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For 25 years, Screenflex Room Dividers has been rooted in a rich tradition of manufacturing excellence and versatile portable partition design. Our dividers are built to last while serving as portable classrooms, temporary walls, acoustical barriers, and moveable art displays.

Screenflex portable art display panels and Display Towers set up in minutes and roll effortlessly throughout schools, churches, care facilities, and offices. The fabric walls offer easy art show setup and removal.

Screenflex's versatility makes them an ideal room dividing solution for your property. Our temporary walls offer both style and functionality in dividing any space, absorbing sound or displaying material.

Create attractive and functional learning environments with ease. Whether you’re partitioning classrooms, creating art displays, or need a speaker backdrop, our folding accordion room dividers can assist you.

Screenflex folding room dividers are designed to help you use your space more efficiently. Superior quality portable partition dividers are available to all government entities via GSA Contract # GS-28F-0044V ensuring you the best price.

Whether you're looking to divide a space, restrict access to an area, or create private meeting rooms, Screenflex Room Dividers provide you with the flexibility you need to alter your existing space while saving you money and time.

Screenflex Room Dividers are good for healthcare facilities looking to manage their available space. Easily roll moveable wall partitions into position to create patient privacy, secure equipment, and control access to pertinent areas. Vinyl covering wipes clean.

These versatile portable walls offer space-saving convenience for your venue by featuring extra storage along with the ability to allocate privacy for patrons, create a temporary luggage storage area, hide the “back of the house” or by restrict access to maintenance projects.

Whether you're looking to create meeting areas, student activity rooms, or a sanctuary, Screenflex church room dividers are difficult to resist. The sturdy partitions are an economical and efficient solution in helping you achieve more with your space.

  • Creighton University Uses Dividers in their Conference Center for Banquet Room Privacy
  • Philips Uses Screenflex Dividers to Section Off Cafeteria for Lunch / Group Meetings
  • New Orleans Morial Convention Center logo demonstrates them as a Screenflex Room Divider consumer
  • Saddleback Church logo showcased as a Screenflex Room Divider supporter and user.
  • Rolling walls backed and used by Boeing
  • American Museum of Natural History is a proud user of Screenflex acoustic room dividers

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“Great product, great customer service, very quick delivery. I would encourage anyone looking to purchase movable flexible walls to work with Screenflex.”

Mary-Lou | Deer Park School Dist.

“The room divider is very easy to use. I like how they latch and lock together to make a long wall. We use the dividers to block off an open space to ensure privacy and reduce noise. They are easy to maneuver and fold easily.”

Don | Sedgebrook Retirement

“This is an excellent product. The privacy factor is much better than we expected and the mobility of the unit is very easy. The receptionist can comply with HIPAA privacy without having to worry she is in violation.”

Cinde | Shasta County Children's

“Durable, simple and cost-effective means to solve a problem that lots of organizations deal with in creating a professional way to create personal space.”

Matthew | New Braunfels Church of Christ

Quality Materials and a Superior Design Set Screenflex Temporary Walls Apart

Our goal is to help you use your existing space more efficiently.  Whether you’re sectioning off classrooms, dividing conference rooms into manageable spaces, or showing off artwork, what you need is a flexible solution. Screenflex Room Dividers are used as freestanding folding room partitions, portable classrooms, temporary walls, acoustical barriers, and moveable art displays.  The versatility of Screenflex partitions makes them ideal for houses of worship, schools, and corporations and more. Customize your room separator by choosing from our 36 size options and 38 color choices.

Our quality portable room dividers are made of the highest caliber materials, and room partitions are the ONLY products we manufacture.  Additionally, Screenflex offers the best room divider features, and we would never cut corners just to lower our costs.   Features include our self-leveling casters which keep your Screenflex temporary walls level and provide long-lasting durability and stability; our unique steel end frames, which lower the unit’s center of gravity and allow you to move the divider easily on with unobstructed sight line; and our full-length hinges connecting panels every 4 inches to limit visual distractions.  Screenflex Room Dividers are made from a 3/4-inch closed cell honeycomb core that is covered on both sides with two layers of environmentally friendly, sound-absorbing fiberglass insulation earning a .65 NRC rating for noise reduction and E84 fire safety certification.

Satisfying your needs is how Screenflex folding partition walls became the leading provider of temporary walls in the marketplace, including customers near you.  In fact, no other portable partition is built as well as a Screenflex Room Divider. That is why we are confident in offering a 100% quality guarantee for all your Screenflex purchases. View our compare portable room dividers manufacturers chart and see for yourself how our quality compares to other folding partition walls.