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Closed High-Quality Room Dividers and Opening Room Divider

Our goal is to help you use your existing space more efficiently. Whether you’re sectioning off classrooms, dividing conference rooms into manageable spaces, or showing off artwork, what you need is a flexible solution. Screenflex high-quality room dividers can be used as freestanding partitions, portable classrooms, temporary walls, acoustical barriers, and moveable art displays. The versatility of Screenflex portable walls makes them ideal for churches, schools, and corporations.

Art Displays

Art Display Room Dividers in S shaped configurationAre you looking for a quality built portable art display panels which can set up in minutes and be rolled effortlessly within your facility?  Screenflex temporary walls and display towers are your answers.  Both of these unique lines of portable room dividers accept push pins, staples or tacks to display artwork wherever and whenever needed.  After you click on the “Art Displays” link please make sure you visit the “Art Displays in Action” section to see clever ways to display artwork!


Corporate Room Dividers Used As Straight WallWith ever-advancing technology, “Nothing is as constant as change” is true now more than ever. With many flexible solutions available, Screenflex freestanding folding room partitions can help facility managers easily set up temporary walls and acoustical barriers in seconds. Please click on the “How we’ve helped” section of this corporate market page to learn why quality materials and superior design set Screenflex room separators apart.


School Room Dividers Configured Into ClassroomsDue to constantly changing spatial demands, the need for flexible spaces and temporary walls have increased for school facilities.  Whether you’re sectioning classrooms, showing off artwork, need a backdrop for the school play or want to divide an area for before/after school programs, our folding accordion room dividers can be helpful to you.  Want to easily see how we’ve helped schools like yours with portable room dividers?  Click on the “Education” link to learn more about Screenflex temporary walls!

Government - GSA

Room Dividers Create Entrance into Government FacilityProudly made in our USA, Screenflex folding room dividers are designed to help you use your space more efficiently. Superior quality moveable wall partitions are the only products we manufacture and are easily available to all government entities via GSA Contract # GS-28F-0044V. This ensures you get the best price on portable room dividers. To learn how we have helped thousands of government facility managers make their buildings more efficient and their lives easier, please click on the “Government” link.


Healthcare Room Dividers Created L-shaped Privacy RoomThe efficient use of space is critical in any healthcare building.  This is why the versatility of Screenflex partitions makes them ideal for your facility.  You may even “customize” your moveable wall partitions by choosing from our 36 size options and 38 color choices.   Our new line of Flexfit portable room dividers is specifically designed for the healthcare market.  Want to learn more about our accordion style room divider?  Please click on the Healthcare link.


Curved Room Dividers Create Speaker Back DropThe managers of restaurants, hotels, casinos, banquet halls and other hospitality venues are constantly looking for better ways to utilize their facility.  Most commonly they want to easily provide privacy for patrons, create a temporary luggage storage area, hide the “back of the house” or simply restrict access to maintenance projects.  Oftentimes this is accomplished by simply rolling temporary walls into position, unfolding them, and reversing the process when the use is over.  Yes, it’s that easy.  To see how in a matter of seconds please click on the Hospitality link.

Other Markets

Room separators provide three classrooms when positioned in a T-shapeAre you one of the many thousands of people who manage facilities in markets not specified in this “Markets We Serve” section?  As we do in those markets, we can help you save your time, money and better manage your space just as well.  To learn how facility managers of small businesses to large convention centers better manage their space with the help of our folding room separators please click on our “Other” link.


U-Shaped Room Divider Configuration for FellowshipAs church architects and builders, we at Screenflex have a unique understanding of the wide variety of different uses for your religious facility. “Our need for room dividers keeps changing,” is a statement we have heard many times. Based upon these changing needs for room dividers and a clear understanding of your budgets, we designed, developed, and patented Screenflex Portable Room Dividers. Our temporary walls make it possible for you to create a bible study space, worship center, meeting room for Sunday School and more. Screenflex offers a variety of heights, lengths, colors, and options in our Standard, Wallmount, and other product lines.

  • Creighton University Uses Dividers in their Conference Center for Banquet Room Privacy
  • Uses Screenflex Dividers to Section Off Cafeteria for Lunch / Group Meetings

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Fall Creek School District loves the privacy Screenflex dividers provide

“We have very young children that are easily distracted and hard to contain when they can see other parts of the room. Screenflex Room Dividers SOLVED the problem. We now make it all the way through our structured activities without an issue.”

Aron | Fall Creek School District

“Our church became a portable church while we were constructing our new building. We needed to divide the foyer of our rented space into classrooms. Screenflex freestanding partitions provided the perfect separation and look great!”

Shelly | Crossroads Church
Screenflex portable partitions assist healthcare professionals in adhering to HIPPA laws

“During our high volume times, we need to set up stretchers in the hallway to care for patients. Screenflex portable partitions furnish privacy to those patients. ”

Julie | Martin Health System
Portable partition is used to increase the amount of available classrooms

“We had a wonderful buying experience with Screenflex. From the beginning as we researched and compared products, through a very smooth delivery, everything was super. Communication was great! These quality dividers were packaged well and arrived in perfect condition. ”

Jeffrey | LifeSpring Church

Quality Materials and a Superior Design Set Screenflex Temporary Walls Apart

Our goal is to help you use your existing space more efficiently.  Whether you’re sectioning off classrooms, dividing conference rooms into manageable spaces, or showing off artwork, what you need is a flexible solution. Screenflex Room Dividers are used as freestanding folding room partitions, portable classrooms, temporary walls, acoustical barriers, and moveable art displays.  The versatility of Screenflex partitions makes them ideal for houses of worship, schools, and corporations and more. Customize your room separator by choosing from our 36 size options and 38 color choices.

Our quality portable room dividers are made of the highest caliber materials, and room partitions are the ONLY products we manufacture.  Additionally, Screenflex offers the best room divider features, and we would never cut corners just to lower our costs.   Features include our self-leveling casters which keep your Screenflex temporary walls level and provide long-lasting durability and stability; our unique steel end frames, which lower the unit’s center of gravity and allow you to move the divider easily on with unobstructed sight line; and our full-length hinges connecting panels every 4 inches to limit visual distractions.  Screenflex Room Dividers are made from a 3/4-inch closed cell honeycomb core that is covered on both sides with two layers of environmentally friendly, sound-absorbing fiberglass insulation earning a .65 NRC rating for noise reduction and E84 fire safety certification.

Satisfying your needs is how Screenflex folding partition walls became the leading provider of temporary walls in the marketplace, including customers near you.  In fact, no other portable partition is built as well as a Screenflex Room Divider. That is why we are confident in offering a 100% quality guarantee for all your Screenflex purchases. View our compare portable partition manufacturers chart and see for yourself how our quality compares to other folding partition walls.