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4 Rooms

Creating 4 rooms in any space just got a whole lot easier. No need for months of planning and costly construction. Screenflex Portable Room Dividers arrive fully assembled and ready to provide you with the flexible space you need. Looking for some inspiration? This gallery shows just how easy it is to create 4 rooms with portable partitions. Screenflex sales consultants are available to assist you in choosing the best size room divider from our six heights and six lengths and 38 room divider colors. Each panel can be covered in vinyl, fabric or dry erase covering depending on your need.  Contact a sales representative to assist you in ordering the correct room divider for your space.

Room Dividers for Reunion Church

Heavy-duty Room Dividers uses at Reunion Church Creating four additional classrooms in a large open area is easy when you…

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Four Large Sunday School Rooms

One of the rooms at Christ Church of India Cypress is very, very large. 63 by 28 to be exactapproximately…

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Three Dividers in Two Rooms

Diagrams for Three Dividers in Two Rooms Sometimes the shapes of a room can make things inefficient. Sometimes the converse…

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Four Rooms Using Four Dividers

How can the members of Colonial Baptist Church easily create four additional occasional use rooms in their large 39 by…

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Four Rooms from Two Dividers

How to use Two Dividers to Create Four Rooms Once in a while things are easy. The members of Pleasant…

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Create Four Enclosed Classrooms with Room Dividers

Sometimes more privacy is required for a client and the room is so large it is difficult to utilize the…

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Four Classrooms Along Existing Walls

As often as possible, we utilize existing walls in a facility when creating our plans for a customer. This is…

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Big Room Dividing Needs

  A Plan Outlining Big Room Dividing Needs Big churches have big Portable Room Divider needs. How can a gymnasium…

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