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Screenflex FAQ

At Screenflex we care about our customers.  From the moment you contact us, through choosing your divider, delivery and beyond, our sales representatives are here to assist you.  Discover the many uses for Screenflex room dividers in your facility from an art display board, room separator to being used for sound absoprtion we have the right room divider for you. View the Screenflex FAQ section on the site for anwers to your room divider questions.  Don't find what you need? Contact one of our sales representatives for a free non-obligation room design plan to accommodate your needs or for a price quote.

Long-Lasting, High-Quality Durable Room Dividers

How Much Of A Beating Can These High-Quality Room Dividers Take? There's no such thing as a perfectly level floor. …

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What are your General Height Recommendations?

Understanding what are your general height recommendations for portable walls can make a big difference when choosing a divider We…

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Screenflex Heavy Duty Room Dividers vs Standard Dividers

Are Screenflex Heavy Duty Room Dividers Available? Yes!  Screenflex heavy duty room dividers are designed to handle more strenuous use. They…

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Does the Height of the Dividers Differ Per Use?

In some scenarios, the answer is yes.  For instance, daycare users prefer shorter units. It's based partly on common sense…

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Room Planning Help and Ideas

We know that no two rooms are alike.  Therefore, the way room dividers are used in a customers space is…

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Ways to Minimize Noise in the Classroom

It is easy to understand why students find themselves distracted in noisy classrooms.  From the stimulation of the computers to…

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Are Screenflex Room Dividers Environmentally Friendly?

Eco-friendly or green products are the buzzwords of today. Screenflex, along with a growing number of consumers and business, cares…

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Is Shipping Carton Construction Important?

 Screenflex Room Dividers ~ Is shipping carton construction important?  It sure is!  For over 28 years Screenflex has refined and improved…

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