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Long-Lasting, High-Quality Durable Room Dividers

Self Leveling Casters

Self Leveling Casters

How Much Of A Beating Can These High-Quality Room Dividers Take?

There’s no such thing as a perfectly level floor.  That is why each Screenflex portable partition has self-leveling ball bearing casters, so when somebody is rolling it across the floor, it rises and dips along with the changes in the floor.

Our room divider walls are constructed using 14 gauge steel, not aluminum, to make our durable room dividers long-lasting. The room partitions are designed with superior end frames and gusset plates for added great stability and durability. Each corner caster has a load level of 200 pounds.

Unique to Screenflex Room Dividers, full-length hinges connect panels together every four inches to limit view beyond the divider.   The style of hinges we use is based on one that was originally designed for a piano lid, and we have adapted the concept for our room dividers. This type of hinge evenly distributes the weight from top to bottom so the weight is evenly distributed.  This ensures every divider that leaves our factory meets the high-quality room dividers checklist.  To resists scratches, portable room dividers are covered in powder coated paint.  Better yet, each Screenflex product is covered by our lifetime warranty.  


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